Seeing as one of my most popular blog posts EVER on this site is a random post about giving up procrastination for Lent, I thought I should repeat it, because hey, why mess with success?

The age-old question of “how am I going to recognize these 40 days and nights?” is here. (BTW – the official title for Lent, Quadragesima, is Latin for “forty.”)

So I thought I would ask my mom, again, what she is doing for lent.

She forgot about it.


I guess I’m on my own this time. I was brought up to recognize Lent by giving up the things you enjoy the most (like daily Starbucks runs) to show that 1- you can live without these things and 2- get a feeling of what it was like for Jesus as he faced temptation in the desert.

Another way of looking at it is to shed bad habits and push yourself further, be it spiritually, physically, mentally, or perhaps all three. Hence why I gave up procrastination for Lent years ago.

Its a time for cleansing, of renewal, and asking yourself if what you are becoming is what He wants us to be. You could see it as the Catholic version of January 1st – setting up resolutions for the next 40 days (excluding Sundays, of course). And really, its set up the same way – one big party the night before (Mardi Gras) with one big party at the end (Easter dinner).

Okay, its time to spill my beans, here’s how I’m going to observe Lent:

1. I’m actually going to fast on Ash Wednesday.

2. I’m giving up Laziness (similar to procrastination, but I think much more detrimental)

3. I’m giving up Starbucks. (This is REALLY HARD for me people)

4. I’ll practice almsgiving. Not quite sure how yet, but I know it will come my way.

And to be accountable, I’ll report on my journey here.

How are you observing Lent?