BulletProof Media Blog is just the tip of the iceberg if you hadn't guessed.

The Bulletproof Media is more than just a blog: We are also a Marketing Communications Consultancy under BulletProof Communications, LLC with the following distinct areas of service:

1. We đź’ś Entrepreneurs:

Since my start working with TV producers who are the salesman, host, editor and more for their own business, and being the daughter of entreprenearial parents, I understand what you are going through as a new business owner. Think of BulletProof Communications as your in-house marketing department down the street rather than down the hall. We offer a full range of services with our partners from graphic design and collateral production to strategic services and web design.

2. Brand Consulting:

Most entrepreneurs have a tough time building strong brands in the minds of their customers (and particularly their potential customers) because they are so focused on, well, their business! And you know that saying "view from 30,000 feet?" We'll provide a 360 degree, 30,000 foot view of your brand, but then offer solutions as we drill down to keep what works, and replace what doesn't.

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4. Social Media Consulting/Training:

Social Media is the new media of choice for an increasingly connected and vocal global community. Your customers now interface more with FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and their smart phones than ever before. If you do not currently have an effective social media presence, if you do not yet use social media to enhance your customer service activities, if you do not yet provide social media awareness training for your employees,  you are flying blind, spending too much money on low ROI marketing activities.

We help companies new to social media get into the space quickly and effectively. We also help companies already involved with Social Media turn the power of live conversations into one of their brands’ biggest differentiating assets. Whichever category you may fall into, get in touch and let’s talk about getting where you want to be.

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5. Blogger outreach programs

Bloggers are not the elusive creatures many marketers like to brand them as. Some just require a different voice in which to interact and since communication is our specialty, we know how to get it done. We offer research, blogger list development, campaign ideation and blogger outreach.

6. Traditional Public Relations

The nuts and bolts of what makes BulletProof Communications tick. We offer development of key messaging, media relations, community relations, marketing communications, and employee communications. Anything from internal communications to your employees to external communications in getting the Mayor to attend your event. Plus, we offer media training and will prepare talking points for your big media play.

7. Speaking Engagements: I love speaking at events about communication strategies utilizing a mix of traditional and non-traditional PR (i.e. social media), so don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to have me speak at your next event, come help train your staff, media training, or spend a day brainstorming with your executive team.