If I Started an Outdoor TV Show…5 Years Later…

One of my more popular posts on my blog is this one – “If I Started a TV Show…” I wrote back in February, 2011. Someone brought this post up to me the other day and I think it needs revisiting. What has changed in nearly 5 years since I wrote this?

I dare say, not much.

I mean, one outdoor TV network bought out the other one…TV shows have definitely come and gone in that time…divorces, babies, the usual drama happened in that time frame. But honestly, not much has changed.

What Remains To Be True

  • People still don’t ask “What are you missing in outdoor TV?” “What holes can I fill?” Shocking? No. We all think we are smarter than everyone else and have all the answers. Its a human thing. Just ask the one network that bought out the other.
  • Still wouldn’t start a whitetail show – I said it in 2011 and I’ll say it again; yes, its the number one big game animal but honest-to-God what more can be shown or said on it??
  • I would still do a niche show – but WHAT niche is important. What is missing in outdoor TV? There’s really not a trapping show or even a good upland bird show. Could you have a show just about pheasant hunting? Maybe half upland bird half dog training?
  • Hiring the best to help you is still key – The saying “You get what you pay for” is true here. There are MANY people out there who create/update websites. But not very many of them are actually good at it. Kind of amazing. Ask lots of questions to not be fooled.
  • I missed the ball entirely on the competition shooting show when I said it wouldn’t be popular – um, Top Shot anyone? But in my defense, I was thinking more along the lines of 3-Gun Championship and Top Shot got to blow stuff out of cannons.