We are running a 5k at #SHOTShow!!

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple years – even thought of a name for the race – but I want to organize a 5k at SHOT Show. Yes, a little crazy since we all know how many miles we all walk that week. BUT…I swear to you, if you train to run a 5k for SHOT, you will have more energy and be able to handle the week so much better.

My last race- The Door County Half Marathon in Door County, Wisconsin

My last race- The Door County Half Marathon in Door County, Wisconsin

So mark Monday, January 18 on your calendar and pack your running shoes. Yes, Media Day at the Range is in the morning, so we are going to do this sometime in the afternoon – say a pre-cocktail race. Then you won’t feel so bad consuming 3 martinis and that tiramisu during your business dinner that night. (I’m really talking about myself here)

Follow @cameronhanes on Instagram and myself –  @ladysportsman on Twitter and IG for details.

We will probably start at the Venetian/Palazzo and I’ll map the route prior to the race.

Oh – and the name for the race? Those closest to me know how much I love moose. And how their numbers are dwindling fast in Minnesota and Wisconsin. (I blame the wolves, but the anti’s think wolves are angels, so not sure who to believe now? Sigh.) So I was going to name the race “Moose on the Loose” and ask everyone to donate $5 to help rehabilitate moose numbers in Minnesota. That might not be 2016’s race, but who knows, maybe 2017??

I’m looking for a shirt sponsor – ha!!