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What Have We Become? New Podcast on Back at the Lodge

Back at the Lodge Podcast

This week’s podcast is a deviation¬†once again from our usual format. I asked Gretchen Steele, outdoor writer/blogger/hunter to read out loud her popular article, “What Have We Become?” The link takes you the original home of the article on “Heartland Outdoors,” a pub based in Illinois. Gretchen posted this article on her Facebook page and…

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Interview with Melissa Bachman on Back at the Lodge Podcast

I will admit, my “job” has its perks! I had the great honor of chatting with Melissa Bachman in her home earlier in August. If you don’t know Melissa, you need to as she’s one of the nicest people in the industry and is SINCERELY interested in talking with you – no matter if she’s…

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Post POMA Wrap Up on Back at the Lodge Podcast with Jim and Michelle

On this edition of Back at the Lodge with Jim Braaten and Michelle Scheuermann, Michelle wraps up the Professional Outdoor Media Association Annual Conference held this past June in Kalispell, Montana. And stay after the break where we chat about online TV viewing from MyOutdoorTV, CarbonTV and this Hunter & Angler Recruitment Conference the MN…

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Could Randy Newberg Change Outdoor TV?

Could one man change the direction of outdoor TV as we know it? Could a single person have the gumption, the knowledge and let’s face it, the money, to be in it for the long haul and inspire others to follow suit? It could be Randy Newberg. A TV host who started with his show,…

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