On this edition of Back at the Lodge with Jim Braaten and Michelle Scheuermann, Michelle wraps up the Professional Outdoor Media Association Annual Conference held this past June in Kalispell, Montana. And stay after the break where we chat about online TV viewing from MyOutdoorTV, CarbonTV and this Hunter & Angler Recruitment Conference the MN DNR is hosting.

Appalachian Trail Kalispell Montana

Appalachian Trail Kalispell Montana

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  • How Michelle won a Remington .380 handgun on gifted money from fellow POMA members (thanks Ryan and Fredy!!)
  • Do you host a conference in a beautiful place and have the chance of losing your attendees to the location attraction? Or host it in a ‘concrete jungle’ that might not draw attendees in the first place??
  • More outdoor vehicle companies are attending the outdoor conferences, according to Michelle. While Jim says they’ve always been there. #whatevs
  • The end of the trail - waterfalls

    The end of the trail – waterfalls

    Link to Shane’s roundtable at the conference I recorded on his podcast called “Conservation Matters”

  • What’s the deal with two outdoor writer groups – OWAA and POMA?
  • How often do you try to be a reminder to your clients, and potential clients, that you exist?
  • The Camp Chef Stryker stove I had to Google for Jim.
  • The MyOutdoorTV.Com app – use the code “winchester” or “sportingchef” to get the first month for only 99 cents! (without the code, you’ll pay $4.99 for the first month)
  • Julie McQueen and Daniel Lee Martin of "Till Death Do Us Part"

    I love this photo!! Julie McQueen and Daniel Lee Martin of “Till Death Do Us Part”

    Watch ‘Till Death Do Us Part” with my good friends Julie McQueen and Daniel Lee Martin on CarbonTV.

  • The Minnesota DNR “Hunters & Anglers Recruitment Conference” August 26-27 – Jim and I are going to try to attend, and you should too!! Learn more here: http://news.dnr.state.mn.us/2016/07/11/adding-to-ranks-of-hunters-and-anglers-is-topic-for-dnr-summit/