One of the most commonly received questions received at the network is about ‘wish-granting’ hunts or fishing trips. And sadly, most of these questions come from adults as so many ‘wish-granting’ foundations only cater to those 18 and younger. There are a bright few who cater to our veterans and/or seniors.

Below is a list of foundations who have granted hunting or fishing trip in the past. That is not to say they will continue to do so – be sure to do your homework. Additionally, some of these are state-specific, or have chapters. To find even more resources in your area, simply do a search for “your state name and hunting wish granted” or similar. You could also contact your local Wildlife or DNR office.

If I’m missing an organization, please tell me in the comments! I would love for this list to grow and become a resource.

In no particular order:

United Special Sportsmen’s Alliance – 

Wishes & More –  I discovered this site as Melissa Bachman recently granted a wish from a young girl. Read more about the “Wishes & More Ball” here:

Outdoor Dream – 

Catch a Dream – 

Hunt of a Lifetime – I would say this is a good place to start your request for wish-granting.

Dream Hunting & Fishing Program –

Buckmaster Life Hunts –

Benefit4Kids – 

Forever Young Senior – – caters to seniors


A few resources who offer a list of sites, but again, you have to do your homework as many of those will specifically say they don’t offer hunting trip.[1]_201404140806248236.pdf