Back at the Lodge Podcast – Under Armour Fallout

From speaking about earthquakes in our own neck of the woods to the quake that shook the outdoor world a few weeks ago (speaking of the Under Amour fallout amongst hunters), Jim and I head to a park in the middle of Minneapolis for this episode of “Back at the Lodge.” Listen on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and now, iHeartRadio!! Whoot!

Also, “Back at the Lodge” is now a part of the “Outdoor Podcast Channel.” It is another outlet for us and I hope you listen to all the great podcasts in here – especially my good friends Jay of Big Buck Registry and Carrie of HuntFishTravel.

Jim and I are always on the lookout for new topics – please drop us a line at either Jim’s blog at SportsmansBlog.Com or for me, email at michelle at bulletproofcomm dot com.

Show notes:

  • I spoke of an earthquake that hit Chicago in 2010 that I always remember because of a random Chicagoan, Sarah Evans, took to Twitter asking if anyone else felt the quake – and it essentially launched her social media career. Who would’ve thunk it.
  • The Bowmar bear hunt video has been taken down on YouTube, but those insightful United Kingdom media sources quickly downloaded it for their personal gain and still have it playing here. Those UK media folks are always so darn interested in us, aren’t they? Just Google anything to do with this topic and you’ll find a multitude of news stories – warning, most of them are not friendly to the Bowmars – SHOCKER!!
  • Article from the last week in August discussing the downgrade of UA stock is here. This article discussed the downgrade due to the fact further expansion of the business will mean increase debt load. Ohhhkaaay.
  • If you want quality outdoor clothing (baselayers) to keep you warm in the winter, buy from local Minnesota company, all made in the USA, WSI Sports.
  • The article I reference when speaking of the psychology of ‘trophy shots’ is found from The Outdoor Wire and is written by Dr. Swan.
  • Other big news in the outdoor world was Camp Chef bought by Vista Outdoors.
  • I’m giving a presentation on podcasting at the Minnesota Blogger Conference October 15!! Pretty excited about this event, I’m testing out new equipment and everything 🙂 I want to give the class a variety of options when it comes to podcasting. There really is no one ‘rule’ or ‘must have.’
  • I reference a series of articles on starting your own podcast located at NSSF.Org. From choosing topics to equipment, and even how to name your show – start here!
  • Jim found an amazing microphone on Amazon for only $20!! I bought and will use it for our next podcast. When I purchased it, it was less than $20, so I guess they are fluctuating on the price. And it comes in a variety of colors!