Back at the Lodge Podcast Now Available!!

After a year or more in the making, I am proud to announce that my buddy, Jim Braaten (@Jim7226 for those of you on Twitter) and I FINALLY have our podcast available to to the world!! I give you “Back at the Lodge with Jim and Michelle.” An outdoor podcast unlike any other outdoor podcast. Mainly because instead of talking about does in heat, we are giving insider knowledge of the outdoor industry. I mean, if you want to work in this industry, I’m just saying you should probably listen to us. We might be useful.

Listen to “Back at the Lodge” on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!! And give us a review! (only good reviews, Jim is a sensitive chap.)

I think it was a SHOT Show long ago where I looked at Jim and said, ‘Hey, we should do a podcast.’ And he agreed. And then it sat there for a year as I have NO IDEA how to put a podcast together.

But we would meet and record and meet and record and eventually I figured out how to use Garage Band. And then it sat some more as Jim said “we need a professional voice over to do our intro and outro.” Ohhhkkay. Well that took another three months and we found a guy who has a professional studio – but then he bailed on us. So luckily, I know some people in this outdoor TV biz with good voices and Daniel Lee Martin, country music artist and co-owner of Backstage & Backroads Productions, agreed to do our voice over! For some reason, the illustration of Jim and I probably took the least amount of time and effort. Huh. And that’s hot chocolate in my mug, FYI people.

And then it sat for another three months as I couldn’t figure out how to mesh all of these things together.

We are still fiddling with mics and equipment and I feel like I am barely scratching the surface of what Garage Band can do for me as far as editing….but hey, its out there and I can cross one thing off my bucket list.

Now, onward to that e-book I’ve been meaning to write….